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Open Window Wells are a Hazard

Having kids and pets run free in your yard should not be a stressful or dangerous experience. 

It's unfortunate how many injuries occur and are almost entirely preventable.  Don't wait for an accident or injury to cover your wells. 

Window well covers especially those with lockdown systems, act as a deterrent for potential criminals.

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Although all window wells start out in several standard sizes, they never end up that same size and shape when house construction is complete. This leaves only two options when buying a window well cover. Either you buy a custom-built cover that fits, or you buy an oversized cover that doesn’t fit.  

Tusa has some amazing styles and colors to offer to match your home. 

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In Utah, you should perform regular maintenance on your window well twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. To ensure the window well is draining properly, consider the following maintenance strategies:

Clear soil, leaves, and other debris that have accumulated in the well. If debris is pooling against the window, it’s time to clean it out.
Gravel in the well can harden like cement: sometimes the gravel in the well mixes with other debris and forms a cement-like surface in the bottom. This does not allow water to drain, but pools water near the window. Be sure to clean your gravel, and if needed, replace it.
Over time, the well can shift away from the home as it shifts and settle over time, so occasionally the window well has shifted, causing drainage problems and exacerbating leaks. Ensure the window well fits tightly against the home and that water is not coming in from other sources.
Consider digging a deeper hole below the window. Over time, simply clearing out debris may not be enough, so digging down further and adding gravel could help direct water away from the window. The hole below the window should be about one foot, and gravel should be 3 inches below the window. Adding gravel can even brighten up the space!

If you’ve followed the above steps and your window well is still having leakage problems, it may be time to consider a small pump to move water outside the window. If your basement window leakage is too much, talk to us for further recommendations on where you can turn.

 Our metal covers serve a dual purpose: they protect kids and pets from falling into unguarded window wells, and they also prevent large debris from entering the window well and clogging up its drainage system.

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