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We provide a web-free guarantee for effective, aggressive spider removal. Our history of successful extermination speaks volumes.

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Tusa Pest Specializes in Eliminating

These Bugs in the Utah Climate.

We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable home solutions.


When you have a pest infestation, your family and home endure many unwanted side effects. These issues can range from property damage to worries and frustration to serious illness. Whatever the severity or nature of your pest problem, depend on Bug Busters for precise, effective pest control management.

Expert Residential Pest Control Services

We offer pest control measures against all pests common to Utah.

We work hard to give you the most efficient and safest pest control possible. To that end, our technicians work with commercial-grade equipment to ensure thorough treatment of the affected area.

Additionally, we only use commercial and residential pest control solutions approved by the EPA for indoor use, including within restaurants, homes, and even hospitals.


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